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Andonaegui tuneles
The tunnels Andonaegui natural wonders are one of the most important of the province of Buenos Aires.

Governor Andonaegui is a small village belonging to the party of Exaltation of the Cross, which is accessed by Route 193.

The beautiful trees that border tunnels of the railway is one of the main features of the landscape.

AndonaeguiCurrently the station is abandoned and covered by vegetation.

The people have a couple of villages and you can see a tunnel of vegetation surrounding the railroad tracks.

In the Place Andonaegui also an old train station with its name which is now abandoned and a small village, there is a place that is worth visiting.

Andonaegui This is the "General Store the Ombúes" considered one of the oldest in the pampas and many say the country.

Is estimated to have over 200 years and is the oldest in Canada. No one knows exactly when the halt was founded, which was forced to post the wagons on their way to the Glen of Romero.

At the entrance two old ombúes indicate that we have come to place.

Inside, time seems to stand still.

There are straw and wood banquettes, a long counter with grid as used in the general stores of yesteryear, its walls decorated with pictures and memories, a notice published in the Buenos Aires Herald, mention of the Association for Memory of Capilla del Señor old ads , etc.
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birds_santa_feThey are called "IBAs" because they are areas of importance for the Conservation of Birds.

There are so called because living species that are important for nature and some of them are even at risk of extinction.

An IBA is an area of ​​international importance for bird conservation. Normally provides essential habitat for one or more species of birds.

santa-fe-mapThese sites may have endangered bird species with restricted distribution range, which are representative of a biome or concentrations of birds in many breeding sites during migration or on their wintering sites.

Aves Argentinas has published one of the most anticipated conservation works: the first national inventory of valuable sites for conservation of birds and environments. This is the book "Important Areas for Bird Conservation in Argentina, priority sites for conservation of biodiversity".


The publication of 524 pages, has excellent photographs, charts, maps and the work of specialists in the field. Information on the IBA will be updated regularly on the website


In Argentina there are 273 IBAs and Santa Fe are 7 of them.

In Argentina there are 1,000 species of wild birds, with the privilege that many of them are only found in this area of ​​the world. The problem that 'shadows' the good news is that due to different causes such as hunting and illegal trafficking of wildlife, about 10% of these birds are in danger of extinction.

In this context, the IBA Program, which are Areas Important Bird-comes to play a key role because it is based on identifying, documenting and maintaining a network of places that are critical to the survival of birds.









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