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High difficulty circuits which have very hilly with very steep and sustained increases are considered very dangerous descents, tight times for tours on the schedule indicated, orientation problems and poor cyclability.

Argentina offers different type circuits for mountain bike enthusiasts:


RN40 was created in 1935 and runs along 11 Argentine provinces, bordering the course of the Andes mountains.

Ruta 40 is the longest route in Argentina and one of the largest in the world (along with the U.S. Route 66 and the Stuart Highway in Australia -without counting the unofficial Panamerican Highway-), more than 5,000 km (3,106 mi) long.

Ruta 40 mapa

The 5 best places for rafting in Argentina are: Oath Canyon River in Salta; Atuel River Canyon, just outside of San Rafael, Mendoza, the Aluminé River in Neuquén, Río Manso Bariloche and the Corcovado River in Chubut.

Rafting is a team sport where all the crew of the boat row and position your weight in a coordinated way along the river rapids and stay afloat.

rafting 2000x1335

One of the most beautiful circuits Corridor of Lagos in the province of Neuquén is the Road of the Seven Lakes, linking Villa la Angostura and San Martin de los Andes.

There are 110 kilometers of them half-gravel from which numerous lakes, campgrounds, forests, national parks and mountain scenery are accessed. We recommend doing this in private or rented vehicle and at least three days. Many athletes do also cycling.7_lagos_2

The province of Neuquén has more than 30 lakes surrounded by peaks of eternal white peaks and beech forests, coihues, myrtles and pehuenes.

The setting is ideal for adventure activities like horseback riding, trekking, kayaking outings, photographic safaris, mountain biking and fly fishing.

Today we tell you the main sights of this circuit:

One of the most important lakes in the area is the Aluminé , near which inhabit different Mapuche communities. With an area of ​​over 5,300 hectares occupies a valley that is oriented to the foot of the volcano Bats Mahuida and belongs to the basin of the Black River.
The Upper Black River Valley and Neuquén is the area where there is a large number of growers, packers and exporters, ie apples, pears and other fruits such as fine wines.
The climate, rich soil and the tenacity of the old people in the Valley have become the source of excellent fruits, export quality.
With the construction of Ballester Dam and irrigation canals from 1880 about the Valley has established itself as the leading producer and exporter of fruit nuggets country.
Mendoza and San Juan is a good choice for Adventure lovers and wine. Today I have the main attractions in this circuit:
It offers a lot of wineries that open their doors to tourism. The vines grow in a desert land, transformed by man through irrigation ditches, canals and reservoirs.
Exist within the tourist circuit different places that are worth visiting for its historical, artistic, paleontological, or just for cultural record saved in the northern region of Patagonia.

Municipal Museum Juan Sánchez.
The Municipal Museum Juan Sánchez was created by Resolution No. 1,301 of September 30, 1983, opened to the public with a group show of works donated to the time the November 8, 1983.
Museo Municipal Juan Sánchez.

Located in the heart of Alto Valle Rio Black combines harmoniously increasing urbanization, agricultural production and fences and river landscapes. With a wide choice for restless tourists and visitors eager for adventure or relaxation.

General Roca is today one of the largest economic and cultural centers of the province of Black River, with a shopping complex - a modern major industrial and urban population amounts to 100 thousand inhabitants.
general roca 2816x2112
1.- Naveira Castillo Lujan incredible architectural beauty based on gothic structure.
Naveira Castillo Lujan incredible architectural beauty based on gothic structure.
Naveira Castillo incredible architectural beauty based on Gothic structure. One of the most mysterious and eccentric places in Argentina as it is forbidden to the public. The Naveira Castle is located in the town of Lujan, Province of Buenos Aires. The structure of this castle is based in Gothic art and is one of the most mysterious and eccentric places in the area that is forbidden to the
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