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lihue calel _Sporophila_nigrorufaLocation: It is located in the south centre of La Pampa province, Lihue Calel department.

Surface: It has a 9.901 hectares surface.

Created: It was created in 1977.

Vegetation: caldenes, helecho, claveles del aire, cardón pencas, líquenes.

Animals: vizcachas, cuises, guanacos, maras, zorros, hurones, pumas, lagartos colorados, loros barranqueros, tuco-tuco, piches, martinetas, gallitos copetones, halconcitos grises y cardenales amarillos.

lihue calel mapCharacteristics:
The protected area preserves homonymous mountain system, its historical, cultural and natural values.

It belongs to the tableland and steppe mount eco-region. Inside the landscapes the outstanding are Lihue Calel mountains, which are 600 metres height over the sea level, with low slopes in the north side and abrupt slopes in the other side.

The dominant ambient of the park is the mont.

lihue calel cactus
lihue calel chingolo
lihue calel flora
lihue calel mara
lihue calel tucutucu
lihue calel flores
lihue calel guanacos
lihue calel _Sporophila_nigrorufa
lihue calel _mariposa
lihue calel ProsopancheAndroecium
lihue calel calden
source: Galería Fotográfica de Argentina

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