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Cainguás Department in the Province of Misiones, is faithful representative of this region waterfalls combining with an exciting jungle environment. One of the most famous landmarks is the Salto Encantado Provincial Park, located 5 kilometers from the homonymous Villa and 8 kilometers from the city of Aristobulo del Valle.

Tour Wedge Piru Creek, extends its 706 hectares sheltering numerous species of fauna and flora, which give it its particular beauty. The song of the swallows, the sympathy of the coatis and the roar of the jaguars provide a spectacle worthy sounds to be heard.

salto encantado

The Biosphere Reserve Yabotí ("turtle" in Guarani) is located in the departments of San Pedro and Guaraní, the municipalities of San Pedro and the Magnificent (the center area of the province of Misiones, comprising Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina).

There are clearly influenced by the towns of San Pedro, with 18,069 inhabitants, The Proud, with 15,109 hab., And San Vicente, with 27,693 inhabitants.


Guira Oga was built in the jungle using the spaces opened by the fall of large trees by the wind, storms and heavy rains, meaning that the construction was not removing a single tree, demonstrating that the man, when He proposes, can live in harmony and balance without modifying or destroying the ecosystem in which it occurs.

The "Cañadón de Profundidad", located about 30 kilometers from the capital of the province of Misiones, the city of Posadas, Provincial Park was created in order to have an area for education and recreation, in the vicinity of the former city, and therefore only represents a small sample of beautiful and captivating environment Urunday jungles, although it has a total area of 19 hectares.

Parque Provincial Cañadón de Profundidad2272x1704
The Yacuy Provincial Park is a protected area of the province of Misiones Argentina natural area.

It is located in the General Manuel Belgrano Department and has an area of 347 hectares.

It is an annex of the Iguazu National Park and its purpose is to protect the ecosystem of the river basin Yacuy.
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1.- The Chaco National Park is a national park of Argentina, located in the province of Chaco.

The Chaco National Park is a national park of Argentina, located in the province of Chaco.

The Chaco National Park is a national park of Argentina, located in the province of Chaco. It has an area of 150 km². It was created in 1954 in order to protect a sample of the Eastern Chaco, composed mainly of warm lowlands, with an annual summer rainfall between 750 and 1,300 mm. This park is a protected area for the quebracho trees. Forests of quebracho colorado chaqueño (Schinopsis

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