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The towns and cities of Argentina are numerous and varied. The largest, containing around 30% of the total population, Buenos Aires is by far the busiest and cosmopolitan, but there are also ancient cities such as Mendoza and Cordoba that are still worth a visit for the Spanish architecture they hold. Below is a selection of the largest and most important amongst them:

Buenos Aires_Aguas_Corrientes-full-HDR

The Formosa Nature Reserve is an area of environmental protection at the homonymous province and was created in 1968 with the aim of protecting forest and livestock overexploitation a small representative sector of the western Chaco biome. Comprising 10,000 hectares between the towns of El Yacaré and La Florencia, limited by two major rivers: the Teuquito the north and the imposing Teuco and Bermejo in the south.

reserva natural formosa

The Iguazu Falls are waterfalls generated by the Iguazu River located on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones.

The system consists of cascades of 300 waterfalls, with heights up to 70 meters, along 2.7 miles of the Iguazu River. La Garganta del Diablo ("Devil's Throat"), a U-shaped gorge 150 meters deep and 700 meters long, is the most impressive, and marks the border between Argentina and Brazil.


Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and its largest city and port.

After the internal conflicts of the 19th century, Buenos Aires was federalised and removed from Buenos Aires Province in 1880; its city limits were enlarged to include the former towns of Belgrano and Flores; both are now


1.- Whales in Patagonia.

Whales in Patagonia.

The southern right whale is the great protagonist of Patagonian whale watching. The point is that in the winter and when the spring comes, a large number of whales approach the Valdés Peninsula region, mainly Golfo San José and Golfo Nuevo, in the Province of Chubut. carajo From early June to the beginning of November, hundreds of right whales come near the shore to mate and breed. Some

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