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Watching the deer in rutting season in the Natural Reserve Park Luro

The sighting of deer in rut takes place during March and April each year in the Reserve Luro Provincial Park, located 35 miles south of Santa Rosa, National Highway No. 35.

The deer rut is a kind of hoarse roar, far from the refined and pleasant to the human ear, but imperious and convener for females, which allows them to fulfill the natural laws of selection and preservation of the species.

It is a call for love of nature itself that interrupts your usual calm, the forest king prepares to join his harem and to fight to the final against rival that contested their females.

During the rut the buck "brand" of its territory and it 'tells' the opponent who is willing to defend his harem life. In this kind of competition leaves favored the strongest animal then mate with females.

In this period the attitude of the deer is really spectacular with his head up and as defiant. They are in constant motion, with an impetus that leads them to constantly move.

It is an exciting and unique show, a real adventure.

Located in the heart of the province of La Pampa Luro Park Reserve meets an important population of red deer, which were promptly incorporated by Don Pedro Luro, first owner of the Reserve is now owned by the government of La Pampa.

The magical place offers excellent opportunities for observing the flora and fauna among these possibilities excel "watching deer in heat. The practice of watching is a unique attraction for lovers of a different kind of tourism, where nature with its unfathomable mysteries is the captivating protagonist.

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