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Cuesta de Miranda, spectacular mountain road flanked by deep valleys and gorges.

cuesta-de-miranda La Cuesta de Miranda is a beautiful, winding stretch in which National Route 40 runs through the pass between the Sierras de Famatina Sañogasta and Chilecito between Villa Union and La Rioja.

Cuesta also known as "the" Miranda, this stretch of Route 40 naughty step, broken (or "costs") that cuts through the Sierra de Famatina (north) and those of Sañogasta (south) following after the deep valley of the river Miranda. Is not entirely asphalt.

The cost is one of the few steps passable in this area and is the only tour of a road, which connects the Valley of Chili, Famatina and even Arauco, with Cuyo.

cuesta-de-miranda_jpg Une Chilecito localities (north) with Villa Union (south).

It is a spectacular tourist attraction, with a landscape stained varying shades of red and vermilion intense in a way that sways between the mountains and the deep canyon of the river, which is seen there, very down.

The road at the climax of the tour is the cornice, with exciting curves and cliffs that continue the physiognomy of Talampaya.

While you can visit all year round, remember that in winter it can snow and very cold, while summer rains are possible. Asking in Villa Union Chilecito or road conditions.

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