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Copahue could be named World Natural Heritage by UNESCO (Part II).

Itineraries: The main attraction of the park are its hot springs. In Copahue are domesticated, they put at the service of health. But in Las Maquinitas, the Amphitheatre and the volcano crater, destination rides and guided walks, wild look in all its splendor. Also reach the border pillar Step Copahue 2013 mts., Where the Mapuche Chilean valley Trapa Trapa arrive daily to sell their crafts.

In Caviahue at the foot of the volcano, the offer is no less seductive. A climb of little difficulty, basalt steps, lets visit the seven waterfalls that mark the upper stretch of the river Agrio. Other crossings lead to Cascada Escondida, a jump of nearly 10 meters and the Laguna Escondida.

A 16 km from the villa, by provincial routes 26 and 27, the lower reaches of the Agrio rushes into space from a basaltic terrace to form one of the most captivating of our hydrography jumps. During the winter, while Copahue lies under meters of snow, Caviahue becomes a skiers paradise. Few Andean enclaves match fit for skiing and on the slopes of the volcano, its pistes evolve every year. In March Caviahue held in the "Loom Festival" and the "Feast Pinion".

Waterfall Agrio: The Agrio river which rises in the Copahue volcano, steep drops basaltic terraces and form scenic waterfalls amidst a forest pehuenes.

Laguna Escondida, Copahue Provincial Park, Neuquen
Laguna Escondida, Copahue Provincial Park

Salto del Agrio: 6km. Northwest of Caviahue, the gateway to the Valley trolote, and crossing the bridge over the river is the most impressive jump in the region, with a fall of 45m. and a large ravine, stained ocher and rust.

Cascada Escondida: It comes after a tour on foot at about 3,800 meters. to a jump of about 15 meters. high where a spectacular micro climate, where beautiful flowers or chilco quiver, which can only be appreciated in this place grow is generated.

Laguna Escondida: If we look, hides in the top of the hill behind the village of Caviahue, with different points of ascension, of varying difficulty, according to the level you decide to climb it and we planned a beautiful view of the entire villa Desk.

Sunset in Laguna Escondida
Sunset lagoon La Escondida
Sunset lagoon La Escondida
Sunset lagoon La Escondida

South of Caviahue: Laguna Hualcupén, Grab los Barros, The Dairy, which is accessed by car and can make an interesting cultural exchange with the Mapuche community Millaín Currical.

Cliffs Pinto: Walking the boy drawer and drawer Hualcupén at 32km. Caviahue, is the establishment Crags Pinto, with access to the east, is the bizarre rock formation cliffs of Pinto, originating from the reservoir during volcanic eruptions ejected material, and then soldiers naturally by the very high temperature. These striking rocks called ignibritas form a unique landscape.

Lagunas The Triplets: United by a rushing stream, the two beautiful lakes that are the providers of water and reflect the Copahue Caviahue volcano in its waters. These drain by the white stream forms a waterfall under the bridge of the Provincial Route 26.

Seven Falls Provincial Park Copahue, Neuquen
Seven Falls

Machines: With the characteristic noise that gave name to the place, which originated in fumaroles and vents, hot springs emerge from small ponds and green sulfur within the hoyada 1930 where the first domed thermal bath habilito region. Here then I run the first military thermal clinic.

The Maquinitas: Less than 1km. Copahue access, you reach the site of the gadgets. Sulfurous fumaroles, vents and olletas mud and hot springs make a strange landscape between ice tongues, colorful rocks and the constant noise of boiling. There is a wooden walkway that runs the place with basic facilities for thermal baths.

Pozon River in the hamlet Machines, Caviahue, Neuquén
Pozon River in the hamlet Machines

Or Old Volcano Amphitheatre: From Copahue and ascending to the west, for the first spur a first stop to appreciate the sculpture of the Virgen de las Nieves and put us in a strategic point from which we can see on the left the Copahue volcano, the right path up to the balcony of Trapa Trapa through the old volcano or amphitheater in the center and the path leading to the landmark Copahue - Trapa Trapa (dividing point between Argentina and Chile).

Step Hito Copahue. The hike to the border landmark at the foot of the volcano, just over 2.000mts allows the spectacular view of the twin lakes of the Chilean valley and Trapa Trapa.

Spot The Maquinitas, Copahue Provincial Park, Nequén
Spot The Maquinitas
Sulphurous Lake, Copahue Provincial Park, Neuquén
Laguna Sulfurosa

Activities in the Area:
Copahue Acenso the Volcano: One of the few active volcanoes of Argentina with 2.953mts. It has a crater about 200 meters away. below the summit, within this lagoon temperature and variable levels, with a crown of easy shelling rocks and glacier. This is a trip of seven hours. duration that demands not only physical fitness of stakeholders, but also good weather condition.

Adventure: For the adventurous, climbing the walls of basaltic rocks, riding the volcano crater, trekking, windsurfing, bicycles, desensos in inflatable boats, kayak and canoe trips in 4x4 as well.

Arroyo Blanco, Copahue Provincial Park, Neuquén
Arroyo Blanco

Spa, beauty and relaxation: After an active day is nothing better than the incomparable baths Copahue. The combination of mud, mineral water, steam, thermal algae, which are applied to musculoskeletal, dermatological, accompanied by an excellent staff of professionals to help you re-energize. Antistress techniques, curing diseases by natural means and beauty programs complement this excellent proposal for health and relax, do internationally recognized.

Angling: Crystalline streams, ponds and rivers mountain villages of rainbow trout and brook trout, make the place suitable for sport fishing. Trolope Valley offers several ponds and suitable for sport fishing, with frequent sprints and catches averaging 800grms river. In this valley the preserve Trolope Country is located, in view of snowy peaks, wooded hillsides, rushing waterfalls. At this fishery are regional favorites and only fly fishing is authorized. Besides the waters of lakes and stream Hualcupén Hualcupén or lagoon Cacique, places domain Millaín Currical Mapuche community in which you have to request permission to do so, are checked and good places to fish with Fly mode -Casting. Further afield, the rivers Agrio and Trocomán (only waters down Loncopué) and its tributaries are also areas frequented by fishermen.

City Caviahue, Neuquén
City Caviahue, Neuquén. Photo: Natalia Fernandez, CCAM

In winter:
Reds and oranges of ñires, beech stained white with the first snow in April. A short distance from the ski slopes when Copahue is uninhabited and almost buried by snow is accessed through snowtrack and intone Caviahue also covered in a thick white blanket of snow powder makes Ski Resort, one of the most coveted for its long season where the skiing offers insights into the forests of monkey puzzle.

You can make the ascent to the volcano in snowmobiles, motorcycles, snowtrack, and for experienced skiers skiing.

Vista del Lago Caviahue from the ski slopes, Neuquén. Photo: Natalia Fernandez, CCAM
Vista del Lago Caviahue from the ski slopes. Photo: Natalia Fernandez, CCAM

For lovers of wind, snow kiting is an alternative to enjoy the place. In August, the long weekend, the party "Avalanche Night Party", the meeting of "Polo in the snow" and "Fashion Show" among other events takes place.

Adventure and fun: walking snowmobile or sled huskies funny, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing are some of the means for the family to enjoy the adventure. Frozen waterfalls, lagoons hot vapors emerging braving the cold of winter. Trips snowtrack towards Copahue.

Skiing: From June to September, in the integrated Caviahue offers excellent mountain slopes with abundant powder snow center for experts and beginners, complete this offer.

Caviahue Ski Center, Neuquén. Photo: William Martin
Caviahue Ski Center. Photo: William Martin
Caviahue Ski Center, Neuquén
Caviahue Ski Center. Photo: Natalia Fernandez, CCAM

Andino Club Caviahue
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