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El Bolson: magic city, Patagonian paradise of myths and utopias.

Activities include skiing at Cerro Perito Moreno or alternatives to energize the body therapies are new this season in the southwest of Black River. This Patagonian setting presents a different cultural, forged by this current hippismo which brought together painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers and luthiers.

A good ski season at Cerro Perito Moreno, a new isologo to reinforce the image of the destination and alternative therapies to energize the body are new this season in El Bolson.

The name of this city comes from the particular geographical conformation of the region, which resembles a pocket surrounded by mountains and glaciers, only 120 kilometers south of Bariloche and at the foot of the imposing Piltriquitrón.
El Bolson_Cerro_Perito_Moreno
For native "is and will be a paradise of myths and utopias, where once flourished the dream of the Republic of Baggins."
A dream that contributed cultures of Aboriginal peoples, Chileans and European immigrants, the arrival of the hippies in the '70s, and professionals in the' 80s, who settled in the mountain valley a melting pot of influences.

El Bolson is also the Patagonian city with a different cultural, forged by current hippismo that brought together painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers and luthiers.

In 1980 he came to this Andean enclave Marcelo García Morillo, a musician who studies and interprets medieval music and already mounted in country 12 out own achievements, created the whole "Languedoc" and is one of the 10 luthiers who make instruments of that time.
His reputation as a land of legends began in the 20s, when the American sheriff Martin Sheffields chasing bandits in the region and said he had seen an animal with a huge shell, four fins, long neck and small head.

What it was defined as a pleciosaurio and informed the Buenos Aires Zoo; from there the news leaked to the press and reached the United States, whose government claimed the animal claiming that he had discovered a citizen of that country.

The legend around the beast never found a century later faded when local historian Juan Matamala spoke with sheriff's daughter, and she confessed that it was she who had seen several times, the alleged pleciosaurio.
Paragliding, from the natural terraces "Piltri" emerged in the highest realms of the condors and bold quickly attracted worldwide who come to "hang" of thermal crossing the sky.

The courses last 20 days and athletes are housed on a farm that is facing the hill.

These days, Martin Baldajmira a paraglider of El Bolson and one of the biologists most knowledgeable of condors, is filming the last scenes of his film "The Way of the Condor", in which he seeks, finds and displays similarities between paragliders and condors.

The brewery El Bolson launched this year its new craft beer flavored chocolate, a product that adds up to another 15 flavors, and Juan Carlos Bahlaj, founder and creator of this emblematic establishment, suggests "to accompany dessert for flavor sweet ", saying that" is ideal for the winter. "

Tourists can enjoy this drink directly from the lagering tanks, choosing, for example, the "beer with honey", made with autumnal flower hops, or "smoked black" dark by the roasted malt with firewood forest.
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