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Home » , » Cartoon (Comic) in Argentina: Tabaré and his most famous creation " Diogenes & El Linyera".

Cartoon (Comic) in Argentina: Tabaré and his most famous creation " Diogenes & El Linyera".

tabare gomez laborde Gomez Tabaré Laborde, known artistically as Tabaré, (August 21, 1948 -) is a cartoonist, humorist and cartoonist Uruguayan nationalized Argentine author of comics, cartoons and book illustration, especially in Latin America, known for its strip "Diogenes and the bum ", published continuously since 1977 in Buenos Aires daily Clarin.

Born in the city of La Paz (Canelones) in Uruguay, from very small lived in Mississippi. Cartoonist self, went through various work activities until he joined an advertising agency in Montevideo, work that would define his career.

From 1969 he began to publish in Argentine media, where she has lived since 1976

Diogenes and Linyera - Comic Strips over 9,000 edits on the back cover of Clarin (Buenos Aires), published continuously since 1977. Co-creators and writers: Jorge Carlos Abrevaya and Guinzburg until 1993. The writer from 1996 until January 24, 2007 was Hector Garcia Blanco. From the January 25, 2007, Ginzburg scripts again. The March 12, 2008 and died Guinzburg a while are still running the strips that had left written. From the May 23, 2008, took over Tabaré scripts.

The adventures of a hobo and his dog (Diogenes), with brief dialogues that always show a satire of the social and political reality from the perspective of two urban homeless.

Paja Brava - Cartoon picaresque Achilles scripted Fabregat, has 24 chapters published in Argentina Satyricon, and other media.

A doomed chieftain in the area of ​​sexual conquests.
Eustaquio - Cartoon picaresque Fabre scripted and fifteen chapters published.
tabare eustaquio
Don Chipote of Pampa - Cartoon "not collectible in installments." A parody of Don Quixote and Martin Fierro (by the choice of characters on the 1st, 2nd by narration) Fabre scripted. Published in the "Humor Registered".
Graph of books.
Toad Dreams
Kasogonaga, the lightning god
The hare
The ring
Banshee, the messenger from the beyond
Reflections macho
The resounding adventure ben malasangue
Max Calzone - 26 chapters
Bicherío - 24 chapters
Stories do not count - 24 chapters
Comics in telo - 50 chapters
Futboleras Stories - 24 chapters
Kriston Kolon - 12 chapters
Interior Life

tabare diogenes-y-el-linyera
tabare diogenes
tabare diogenestira
tabare gaucho
Tabaré Paja Brava
tabare paja brava1
Tabaré Paja Brava1
tabare paja brava2
tabare paja brava4
tabare relatos inmortales
Tabaré bicherio
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