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The Museum of Vine and Wine in Cafayate Valley Calchaquíes gives a different attraction.

museo del vino cafayate7 The Museum of Vine and Wine in Cafayate, Salta is integrated into the project Salta Wine Route and Valleys Calchaquíes gives a different attraction.

A must for the visitor step of Cafayate, which will allow you to connect to the origins of winemaking in the region, responsible for growth and prosperity of the area north of Argentina.

It was created in 1981 and keeps the history of viticulture in Cafayate and the Valleys Calchaquíes. The building dates from 1888 and is on display inside old machinery, farm items, carpentry for the barrels, transport elements of late nineteenth century and an old mill from 1920 to 1945, was transported by car for 40 days Skip.

museo del vino cafayate5 The museum is housed in the former site of "La Bodega Encantada". Space is a "live", full of sound and visual stimuli, interactive and fun that can be visited by people of all ages.

The contents of the Museum of the Vine and Wine, are expressed in an artistic way, with display techniques including stage effects, lighting, multimedia programs and audiovisual presentations. Calchaquíes Valleys, landscapes, evoking traditions, the development of their wines internationally, inspired the design and creative development of this museum.

Museum Vinolas Vine and interactive exhibits of the Museum of the Vine and Wine are developed in two architectural spaces that provide a counterpoint to the traditional image of the old local and modernity of the new building. Each has a thematic area or "narrative line" through which the public are the contents of the Museum.

The new Museum of Vine and Wine is one of the most original and innovative space dedicated to wine worldwide. It was designed with the same cutting edge concept that others were as Glaciarium Theme Museums (Museum of Patagonian Ice) from El Calafate, and Lafinur Museum in St. Louis.

museo del vino cafayate

museo del vino cafayate1

museo del vino cafayate2

museo del vino cafayate3

museo del vino cafayate4

museo del vino cafayate5

museo del vino cafayate6

museo del vino cafayate8

museo del vino cafayate11

museo del vino cafayate9

museo del vino cafayate10

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