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Argentina National Parks.

Argentina offers a rich variety of outdoor activities and environments, from the subtropical rainforests in the north to the subarctic coast of Tierra del Fuego in the south Argentina maintains a number of national parks, natural reserves, national monuments and provincial parks.

The country has a long-standing and enlightened tradition of setting aside and protecting national and state parks. Patagonia, encompassing the steppes and mountains of the continent's south, is a vast natural wonderland but a visitor to many of the areas within the country is sure to find a regional national park.

Some of these parks are on UNESCO's World Heritage List for natural values.

Tourist visiting the national parks can enjoy fishing, trekking, rafting, horse-riding, mountain biking and photographic safaris and other recreational activities.

It is important to say that there are serveral provincial and local parks, reserves and monuments.

Nat. Park Has. Prov.
1. Laguna de los Pozuelos 15.000 Jujuy
2. Baritu 72.000 Salta
3. Calilegua 76.320 Jujuy
4. Formosa 10.000 Formosa
5. El Rey 44.162 Salta
6. Los Cardones 65.000 Salta
7. Copo 114.250 Stgo. del Estero
8. Río Pilcomayo 47.754 Formosa
9. Iguazú 67.000 Misiones
10. San Antonio 400 Misiones
11. Chaco 15.000 Chaco
12. Colonia Benitez 8 Chaco
13. Campo de los Alisos 10.000 Tucumán
14. Mburucuyá 17.660 Corrientes
15. San Guillermo 150.000 San Juan
16. Talampaya 215.000 La Rioja
17. Quebrada del Condorito 150.000 Córdoba
18. El Leoncito 76.000 San Juan
19. Sierra de las Quijadas 150.000 San Luis
20. Pre delta 2.458 Entre Ríos
21. El Palmar 8.500 Entre Ríos
22. Otamendi 2.600 Buenos Aires
23. Lihue Calel 9.901 La Pampa
24. Laguna Blanca 11.250 Neuquén
25. Lanín 412.000 Neuquén
26. Los Arrayanes 47.754 Neuquén
27. Nahuel Huapí 705.000 Neuquén - Río Negro
28. Lago Puelo 27.674 Chubut
29. Los Alerces 263.000 Chubut
30. Petrified Forest 13.700 Santa Cruz
31. Perito Moreno 115.000 Santa Cruz
32. Los Glaciares 724.000 Santa Cruz
33. Tierra del Fuego 63.000 Tierra del Fuego
34. Monte León 61.700 Santa Cruz
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