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The nine sites of memory.

nunca mas From now until Tuesday, the Human Rights Secretariat ran signaled spaces where detention and torture during the dictatorship, in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, San Juan, and Mendoza Misiones.

The Federal Network of Sites of Memory signaled from today until next Tuesday nine former clandestine detention centers in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mission, San Juan and Mendoza. Coordinated by the National Archive of Memory (ANM) and under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Rights of the Nation, the network reported that the signs "include information on the operation of each site under the repressive system and expressed in the public space of the democratic state committed to publicize and condemn these heinous acts, so they never happen again. "

ni olvido ni perdon
The activity will begin this morning, at 11.30, in Misiones, when signaled Police Headquarters, which was the most important secret center of the province, located in Buenos Aires from Santiago del Estero and Tucuman, in the provincial capital.

Also today, but at 1430, it signaled the Job Caminero of Pilar, in Cordoba , located on National Route 9 and Boulevard Perón. Since before the last coup and until 1978, the police station was used as clandestine detention and torture, repression within the circuit under the Department of Information of the Police of the Province of Córdoba (D-2), under the command Third Army Corps.

Then, at 19, will mark the Legislature former San Juan (Stadium Park May Open), in the city of San Juan, located in Urquiza between May 25 and San Luis. The Legislative Building was used as illegal detention center during the days after the March 24, 1976.
The activity will continue in Santa Fe , tomorrow, at 17, when he signaled the Foot Guards Reinforced (GIR), the Commissariat 4th, the Department of the Police Information (D-2) and the Police Station 1st City of Santa Fe (Nicasio Orono 793).

censura fin

On Sunday 24, at 10, in Mendoza , it signaled the D-2 or Palace Police (Police Headquarters Mendoza), located in Belgrano and Peltier of the provincial capital. The Information Department of the Chief of Police of Mendoza, who worked at the Palace Police, was the most important secret center of the province and operated since 1974, systematically, from the blow.

Finally, on Tuesday, 26, at 12, is signaled Investigation Brigade of San Justo, in the Buenos Aires district of La Matanza, located in Salta 2450. This clandestine center joined the Circuit Camps, as known to the largest network of illegal detention spaces in the province. He was also part of Operation Condor, and there spent more than a hundred persons persecuted for their political, social and union.
source: Argentina Live
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