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Paleontology for Neuquen is a subject of scientific and cultural attraction.

neuquen dinosaurios map
Paleontology for the territory of the province has in recent years become a topic of scientific and cultural attraction which itself is of interest to the tourist who comes to the area.

In Villa El Chocón, Ernesto Bachmann Municipal Museum, located in the town center, shows paleontological and archaeological material recovered in the area.

The main findings are the remains of Giganotosaurus carolinii, its name means "giant southern lizard", which was discovered in 1993 and is so far considered the largest carnivorous dinosaur of all time, even argentinosaurio-infografiagreater than Tyrannosaurus rex.

In Huincul, Carmen Funes Municipal Museum, located at the entrance of the city, is characterized by the renewal of their showrooms and is known for the development of scientific research.

The most important discovery on display in the museum is the huinculensis Argentinosaurus, the largest herbivorous dinosaur in the world belonging to the group of sauropods, and family Titanosauridae Its name means "reptile from Argentina Huincul". This specimen was found in 1988, 8 km east of the city of Plaza Huincul.

Currently, Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus carolinii huinculensis are emblematic examples neuquinos fields and this region becomes the most important South American dinosaurs.
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neuquen argentinosaurus_fragment
neuquen paleontologia
neuquen carrotaurus
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