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Cape Two Bays is considered the most beautiful in the coastal protected areas system.

Cape Two Bays is considered the most beautiful in the coastal protected area system by contrasting their brownstones landscape and the blue sea.

It has an extraordinary diversity of wildlife is inhabited not only by penguins Magellanic but also seals, guanacos and cormorants, among other wildlife. Some of seabirds that inhabit this place used as the sole breeding site.

The total area of the Marine Park is 132 124 hectares and consists of coastal territory, insular, marine (sea bed and subsoil) and airspace, stretching from about Moreno Island to Island Quintano, between the towns of Shrimp and Comodoro Rivadavia, in the northern San Jorge Gulf.

cabo dos bahias

This park was created in August 2007 by a national decree signed by the former President of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner and the current governor of the province of Chubut , Mario Das Neves. The purpose of it is to create a space for conservation, management and wise use of marine and terrestrial species and their habitats.

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One of the great attractions of this reserve is the chance to walk among the penguins in their habitat. Interact with them without disturbing them. Since the service infrastructure for the tourist is away from the specific place where the birds live and is the least possible impact on the site.


Living with the penguins for a few hours, visitors can follow their customs, watch very closely how they feed the pigeons, know what their mating rituals, which are fighting for the defense of territory, and how they build their nests to house the whole family.

The birds arrive here each year to nest, mate, give birth and molt plumage then the journey back to northeastern South America and return the following year cycle.

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Although the visitor can be within inches of the penguins, you should never disturb or touch. Do not forget for a moment that this is a Protected Area, a special site dedicated to preserving the wild and thus enable effective protection and conservation of wildlife. Moreover, while the Penguins are harmless in normal, feeling threatened defend themselves with their beak, very strong and sharp.

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Where is and how we got.

On the Atlantic coast and half way between Rawson and Comodoro Rivadavia is the small town of Camarones. The way to get there by land is taking National Route No. 3. The 1,640 kilometer may take Provincial Highway No. 30 to the east, towards Shrimp, a charming village located on the shores of the bay of the same name. Here you can find hotels and standard restaurants with seafood specialties. Located 30 kilometers to the south is Cape Two Bays booking.

Cape Two Bays Map

The entrance to the protected area has a value of $ 2 for residents of Chubut, $ 6 for Argentines ($ 3 children) and $ 20 for foreigners ($ 10 children). All rates are for a single person. Also charged per vehicle according to its size: up to 4 passengers $ 3, up to 20 passengers $ 5, more than 20 passengers $ 10. The hours are from 8AM to 6PM.


The entrance to the reserve is by the position of Save wildlife, where the road ends. There is payable entry and get information about the different paths and how to behave.

The parking area for vehicles is already in the reserve, so it is necessary to move those feet with caution.

Once in the area trails, you will see that the area of ​​access allowed is bounded by a fence. Respect it!

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