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Andresito Provincial Park great exponent of the missionary nature.

Among extensive plantations of yerba mate blend with the forest vegetation, Andresito is a quiet town in the Province of Misiones which is located 60 miles from Niagara Falls, in the Department of General Belgrano.

Combining natural landscapes with activities for everyone but always retain the native environment, ecotourism is positioned as one of the best ways to immerse yourself in this northern corner that promises not to disappoint those who choose it as a destination to relax and unwind.


Postcards dream that are impossible to not admire; wildlife coexist peacefully in parks and reserves, camping or cabins are in tune with their harsh environment, are some of the spells that launches this town and make your visitors return.

The top tourist town of Andresito is greeted by a spectacular example of the regional nature park and Urugua-í Provincial Reserve was created to protect much of the upper basin of the river that gives it its name and its environment. So, you can find the famous timbó, lapachos, rosewood laurel and other species that make up an admirable and colorful landscape.

Park and Preserve Urugua-i Andresito Missions
This nourished plant houses the rich wildlife missionary, finding cat species, birds, reptiles, fish and mammals. Walking the paths of interpretation, the sound of howler monkeys fell or allow notice him, the harder it is to meet the jaguar or the fox vinegar drain between 84 thousand hectares extending the reservation.

Within the estate prepared a Biological Station for researchers who are interested in this great missionary North is located.

With the beauty of the flora and fauna that cover its entire territory and awareness necessary for their protection, invites you to enjoy Andresito Ecotourism. Respecting Mother Earth works painted over this territory colorado, camping is the accommodation option: bedroom tents made ​​from wood and other materials that respect the landscape surrounding jungle, walking trails allowing the property to enjoy the contact with nature; breakfast featuring the finest regional products; grocery and bar are some of the services that you can find. Another alternative is to stay in cabins.

Ecotourism in Andresito Missions
With excellent guides who know all the treasures of this region, the proposed people to see the culture and history in this proposal is combined with environmental interpretation; navigating the stunning Iguazu River, tours of the wise Guarani communities, hiking and adventurous bicycle crossings.

Lagunas traveled by capybaras, birds flying over the native forest and merit watching, hiking trails invite you to be riding route, the road that runs from maté planting to processing and the visit to the Provincial Parks and Foerster Urugua-í complete this billboard nourished.


Getting there.

Andresito city is located north of the Province of Misiones, in the General Belgrano Department. It is 60 miles from Niagara Falls (northwest) 85 Puerto Esperanza (southwest), and 111 of Bernardo de Irigoyen (south).

To get there from the capital city of Posadas Andresito must take National Route 12. Before coming to Puerto Esperanza take the Provincial Route 19 leading to destination. The route passes through the towns of Candelaria, Santa Ana, San Ignacio, American Garden, Capioví, Puerto Rico, Garuhapé, El Alcázar, Caraguatay, Montecarlo, Eldorado and Victoria and Cologne extends 333 kilometers.


From the center of the Province of Misiones Andresito up through the National Highway No. 14. Then connect to the National Route 12 through some of the provincial roads that link (RP 8, 11, 16). Then you come to the National Route 12 and continued until the Provincial Route 19 leading to the chosen destination. Localities that crosses the National Road No. 14 in the provincial center are: Campo Grande, Aristobulus Valley, Dos de Mayo, San Vicente and San Pedro.

To get from Puerto Iguazu Andresito must take National Route 12 then continues along the National Road No. 101. Follow the National Road No. 19 heading to the city selected. This road passes through the Iguazu National Park.
From the northeast up to Andresito following National Route No. 101 to the Provincial Route 19 leading to the chosen destination. Bernardo de Irigoyen is the most important town is this tour.


source: Argentina Live

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