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Progressive disappearance of missionary fauna.

The fauna of the province of Misiones, notable for its wonderful variety, was highly assaulted: one by the irrational and uncontrolled hunting of species with economic value (for their fur or leather), on the other removing the forest as natural habitat, which significantly decreased the chances of survival of the species.

As a result several species at virtual extinction was implemented to avoid the ban on hunting and fishing at certain time of year, as well as the creation of parks and nature reserves, thus protecting not only wildlife, but also flora of the province, ie its natural ecological balance.

fauna misionera Iguana

Endangered animal species:


- Harpy (Harpy harpija)

- Eagle Widow or Patera (Spizastur melanoleucus)

- Barred Eagle Calzada (Spizaetus ornatus)

- Eagle Monera (Crested Eagle)

- Saw Pato (Mergus octosetaceus)

- Yacutinga or Pava de Monte (Aburria jacutinga)

- Macuco (Tinamus soitarius)

- Red Macaw (Ara chloptera)

- Papo Pink Parrot Chest or vinous (Amazona vinacea)

- Chorao (Amazona pretrei)

- Maracana Shaved Head (Ara maracana)


- Dog Zorro vinegar or Pitoco (Speothos venaticus)

- Ounces Cat (Felis pardalis)

- Tatu Carreta (Priodontes giganteus)

- Maned wolf or Wolf Mane (Chrysocyon brachyurus)

- Carayá or Red Howler (Alouatta guariba)

- Deer of the Pampas (Ozotoceros bezoarticus)

- Lobito Río (Lontra longicaudis)

- Water or Cuica Weasel (Chironectes mininus)

- Marsh deer (Blastocerus dichotomus)

- Jaguar or Tiger (Leo onca)

- Anteater or Tamanduá (Mmyrmecophaga tridáctila)

- Woolly Weasel (Caluromys lanatus)

- Tatu Graveyard or Rabo Molle (Cabassus tatouay)

- Cat or Yaguarundí Moro (Felis Yaguaroundi)

- Nose Tirica Rosada (Felis tigrina)

- Nose Tirica Dark (Felis wiedii)

- Wolf Necklace (Pteronura brasiliensis)


- Yacaré Overo or Nato (Cayman latirostris)

source: Argentina Live

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