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Trekking in the National Park Los Alerces.

The Larches The National Park, located in the mountainous region of the province of Chubut, has 14 lakes connected by rivers and hiking trails 28.

Owner of an ancient alerzal unique in the world, invites the traveler to enjoy unspoiled nature and discover the magic of glaciers, lakes and forests.

It was created in 1937 and covers an area of ​​259 570 ha. The foundation of his creation is the protection of lahuán or larch, one of the largest trees on the planet longevity, which became endangered.

Part of the North Patagonian Andean Biosphere Reserve since 2007.


The surface of The Larches National Park is divided into two management areas: national park with 193,144 ha, and managed resource protected area 69 856 ha. Decree No. 2149/90 of 10 October 1990 appointed a sector of the first area as strict nature reserve.

The environments of the protected area can fit into the eco-regions of the Patagonian Andes forests and high, ie a cold temperate climate with high seasonality. Winters are rainy and snowy, dry summers and cool nights. The area is a complex lake system of many rivers, streams and lakes.

One of the most famous trekking trails is what leads to the ancient alerzal where the largest larch in the region, exceeding 70 meters in height and having a history of over 3,000 years are. To visit a tour that combines trekking and navigation features. Exits the port Limonao and makes change at Puerto Chucao. The visitor lands on the north arm of Lake Menendez, from which takes a hike.

Another is the most attractive paths leading to Glacier Turrets.

It is a trekking adventure that unfolds throughout the year. This excursion guides and combines, as above, trekking lake navigation with medium difficulty. The circuit reaches the foot of the glacier, where the Laguna Del Antiguo, increasing by landslides block provide a unique spectacle proglacial mirror. Unlike classic glaciers fed by an ice sheet such as the Perito Moreno in El Calafate - The Turrets is a glacier "circus" to be erected on a mountain.

Another trekking trails offered by The Larches National Park leads to a set of forwards that retain traces of ancient indigenous cultures. This is of cave paintings with geometric motifs, mazes and schematic human figures. According to studies conducted in the region, it is estimated that the first aborigines settled over 3000 years ago in the valley of River Drainage. Were hunters and gatherers, with animal bones and stones manufactured bolas, arrowheads, awls and grinding tools.

Other interesting trails are:

• Cinco Saltos, reaching the viewpoints of the waterfalls of the Arroyo Los Pumas.

• Cerro Alto El Dedal, which requires about seven hours walk

• Krüeger Lake where camping is allowed

• Laguna Escondida, a trek of three hours

• Cerro Alto Shorty, of medium difficulty.

In The Larches near the National Park you can visit the Cultural Center Melipal; Museum of Native Cultures in Nahuel Pan; Futaleufu Dam and Waterfall Nant y Fall, a set of seven jumps with access Route 259.

As adventure tour, another option is the crossing in 4 × 4 that reaches a set of ice tunnels more than 2000 meters high. The access road is the same as going to the park, but follows and climbs a hillside of Cerro La Torta, 50 kilometers from Esquel. A walk that takes place from December to March.

Useful information

  • In the Villa Futalaufquen is the Park Maintenance, Report Center and Museum, where information and fishing permits are obtained.
  • Lakeside Excursion Alerzal Millennium: from Puerto Limonao Puerto Sagrario U $ S 28 and from Puerto Chucao Puerto Sagrario U $ S 21.


  • Access to the National Park is from Esquel along National Route 259 to the junction with Provincial Highway 71 that runs through the protected area from north to south.
  • For the same road up to Villa Futalaufquen, and connected with 258 National Highway to reach the town of El Bolson.
  • Esquel has an airport with direct flights from Buenos Aires (1,900 kilometers) on Wednesdays and Sundays from U $ S 380 roundtrip.

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