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Home » , » Carnival of Humahuaca, popular celebration introduced by the Spanish and merged with native rituals intended to celebrate the fertility of the land.

Carnival of Humahuaca, popular celebration introduced by the Spanish and merged with native rituals intended to celebrate the fertility of the land.

Carnavalito_en_Humahuaca The Carnival of Humahuaca is a popular celebration, held at the beginning of Lent (40 days before Easter), in the area of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Province of Jujuy , Argentina.

Introduced by the Spanish in America merged with Carnival native rituals intended to celebrate the fertility of the earth and honor the deity of Mother Earth, Pachamama, for goods received. This is a short version of the festival adapted Kapaj Peruvian Inti Rami, which began in December and ended in March, where they drank, sang, ate and danced to the limit.

The celebration begins in each community with the unearthing of the devil, called Longtail or Pujllay, symbolizing the celebration, a stones apachetan 1, represented by a rag doll who was buried at the end of the last carnival.

Repressed desires are released and during the celebration allowed drunk unashamedly moral precepts are shelved. The Catholic Church has been forced to take time to participate in the festivities "pagan".
jujuy_divisiones mapa
There is dancing and music played on traditional instruments like erkenchos, annates, the charango and drums.

The people are dressed in colorful costumes and masks using bells dress, have fun soaking her face and throwing flour with talc and serpentine while sprigs of basil spread.

The tradition is reminiscent indigenous, Spanish and Creole. Furthermore, as the Quebrada de Humahuaca step forced to Peru and Bolivia, has assimilated the music and some characteristics of these countries.

The other Thursday before carnival compadres gather to celebrate the reunion, and the following Thursday comes the turn of the gossips, who entertain in fun copleadas recounting what happened throughout the year. On Saturday carnival parades are put together.

It lasts eight days: the sun the groups attending invitations, carnavalitos dancing in the streets, and at night they dance on the premises. The celebration ends on "Temptation Sunday", with the "burial" of the Devil, in a hole representing the mouth of Pachamama, along with cigarettes, coca, streamers and chicha. They then tested dishes such as pies, lamb, goat cheese and drinking, among other things, chicha and between prays laments fun there again next year.

In the small town of Tilcara is where this carnival fervor peaks.


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